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It's looking a little empty around here

I've been blogging for a long while, but throughout covid, things got away from me. Honestly, it actually happened before then, but covid really made me (and most of the rest of the world) stop and realize where we had been. Covid was rough, but I came out of it with an understanding that I couldn't keep going with how I had been going. But that doesn't been that these few years have been easy. if fact these last few years have completely crumbled everything I thought I knew about myself. But one of the things that I realized that I wasn't doing, was writing. And it was something that I really Missed. So, I'm taking this blog that I once was good at keeping up with, and changing it to my personal/public writing ground. When I started this blog, I originally intended it to me a family and mommy blog. But I realized that I'm much more than that. And that I can't break apart the parts that are "mom" from the other parts of me. But also, that there is so much else that I want to write about. Some of it is dark. Some of it is light and fun. Some of it is just my thoughts and opinions. So, think of this as my personal journal space, that I'm sharing because I feel writing is meant to be shared. This space will change as my needs for it changes. In these early days, likely you will see old blog posts come back online, Definity the kids birth stories as I find them, some blog posts from when this was exclusively "mom" material. some social media posts. and some more recent therapy and trauma healing posts. And we will go from there. I'm glad you are along for the journey, however long that may be

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